Mission Statement

Accreditation Commission, Czech Republic

(Resolution adopted by Accreditation Commission on April 2, 2012)

Accreditation Commission (ACCR) is an independent board that deals with quality of higher education and to this end it performs comprehensive evaluation of educational, scholarly, research, artistic or other creative activity of higher education institutions. Accreditation Commission supports state, public and private higher education institutions in their efforts to develop their own inner quality assurance systems that would form the framework for autonomous initiatives fostering high and sustainable level of education and other activities. With respect to academic traditions in the Czech Republic, Accreditation Commission recognizes that higher education institutions and their academic communities are primarily responsible for the quality of teaching and research.

Accreditation Commission carries out its mission through quality assessment and accreditation process of degree programmes. It is inspired by the quality assurance models in the European Higher Education Area where it represents the Czech accreditation system and through which it cooperates with accreditation agencies in other countries. Accreditation Commission acts with a sense of responsibility, openness and transparency of the accreditation and quality assurance processes, taking professionals and representative bodies of higher education institutions as well as representatives of student community as its natural partners. Mutual trust and dialogue represent the key tool in the process of assurance of the high quality in higher education in the Czech Republic.

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